About us

Company “Fiord” was founded in January 2013. The main activity is providing IP transit on the basis of “Fiord” network. Since 2002 company “Fiord” successfully builds and develops an extensive, fault-tolerant, backbone network, which covers all over Europe and Russia.

Our main advantages on the market are the high rate of availability of services, the prevailing connectivity with Russian and foreign Internet segments and routing the shortest ways.

The level of Russian “Fiord” connectivity is defined by interfaces with major Russian operators, such as Transtelecom, Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Corbin and presence in major traffic exchange points.

The level of foreign “Fiord” connectivity is defined interfaces with the largest world TIER1 operators, such as: Level3, Telia, Tata, NTT, Seabone Telecomitalia, Tinet, Cogent and presence in major traffic exchange points.

Also, “Fiord” operates more than one thousandth peer connections with operators and service providers on different levels.

The support nodes are situated in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
“Fiord” actively developing its network in Ukraine, inviting customers and partners to cooperation.


company provides the following services:

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Office in Kyiv:

Turgenevska street 38 of. 105
[09.00 – 18.00 Mon-Fri]

tel.: +380442812355
fax.: +380442812356

technical support:
+380442812377 [24/7]

general questions: sales-ua@fiord.net